The yin and yang of Hamilton

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Duality. It’s what keeps life humming in harmony. A prime example: this custom trailer we designed for a prominent wastewater general contractor. Sure, it’s easy on the eyes, with its sleek lines and bonny colors. How can something so beautiful be so brawny, you ask?

The custom trailer was ordered by a prominent wastewater general contractor to transport sludge screens in a harsh operating environment (fun fact: sludge screens are used to remove unwanted debris, such as hair and plastics, from waterways to reduce blockages). Good thing we equipped the trailer with stainless steel hardware, mold-on poly tread wheels with aluminum centers, and a tough epoxy paint finish. Because the screens can be cumbersome to handle, we added a bumper around the trailer perimeter to provide extra protection when loading and unloading, as well as to guard against incidental contact. A tongue-activated parking brake ensures the trailer stays put when stored.

Cue the Zen-flowing summary:

Hamilton trailers: Engineered-from-the-toughest-materials-on-earth-to-move-heavy-bulky-equipment-and-we-look-gorgeous-doing-it-too.