New Hamilton trailer solutions: More power to ya


Diehard Hamilton fans may remember when we introduced our e-Power Cart Solutions to turbo-charge your workforce a few years ago. To continue our goodwill towards backs and spines everywhere, we’re excited to announce the debut of two new powered trailer product lines—both engineered to eliminate the strain of manually pushing and pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment.

First up, a series of 4 industrial electric e-power pushers designed to push/pull trailers loaded with heavy cargo any which way. With a payload capacity of between 3,000 and 100,000 pounds, these power pushers are more cost-effective alternatives to traditional maintenance forklifts. They’re also a lot more versatile and maneuverable—and with a smaller footprint, too. When combined with our line of industrial trailers, you can move loads effortlessly throughout your plant.

In the all-in-one power category, our second product line features e-power movers with easy steering push/pull capability for added flexibility. The beds can be customized with a variety of superstructures to fit your needs: cradles, shelves, racks, tool holders, part carousels—whatever elaborate fixture your imagination can conjure to help you get the job done right.

Happy trailers to youuuuu.