Auto Steer Trailers

Capacity Range 5,000 lbs. and Up

Hamilton’s line of automotive steer trailers are the “special teams” trailer of the material handling equipment world. This design is the best choice when looking for a material handling solution for moving large, heavy and/or loads with a relatively high center of gravity around the plant. Because of innovative frame construction, they can have a lower deck height than a fifth wheel or four wheel steer trailers rolling on the same size wheels. This effectively lowers the overall center of gravity when being moved. Proper steering geometry ensures synchronized steering, keeping all wheels under the load and thereby increasing stability and service.

Keeping a train following the same path is critical in warehouses and distribution centers. Four wheel auto steer meets that requirement, while preserving maximum lateral stability. When a “dead end” aisle is part of the travel requirements, four wheel steer with a reversible tongue is a great option.

Quality Features

The advantage of auto steer trailers is in their stability. Keeping the wheels "outboard" maintains stability during turns. That stability really shines when comparing a four wheel auto-steer to four wheel steer trailers with fifth wheel design. Once the wheels move out from under the deck you surrender some lateral stability during turns as the wheels' footprint narrows. Higher load centers of gravity or higher speeds during turns accentuate the problem. When load stability is vital, consider the 4-wheel auto steer design.

In tight aisle situations, auto-steer trailers provide excellent tracking for one or multiple trailers. A computer-assisted design allows for precise tie-rod placement and accurate steering and trailability.

Hamilton's loops are made from forged steel, built for handling the maximum towed load, and are resistant to wear during years of use.

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4-wheel steer vs. 2-wheel steer

Trailers with 4-wheel steering provide the best tracking available, whether in auto steer or fifth wheel steering design. When all four wheels turn, the trailers in a train track in a nearly identical path through turns. While 4-wheel auto steer trailers may cost a bit more, the gains in warehouse space through narrower aisles can be substantial. Additionally, longer trains may be towed through the warehouse vs. the two-wheel steering trailers is more economical and perfect for pulling one trailer at a time. Trains with 4-wheel steering trailers can also be towed from both ends