The 5 Heaviest Hamilton Truck Hauls


Line up all the paper printed daily at one of the largest mills in the United States, and you’d cover roughly 4,000 miles. Roll it back up into individual 40-ton rolls, and you’d have Hamilton’s heaviest trailer haul.

Here are the mega loads we’re highlighting this month:

40-Ton Paper Rolls

40 ton custom trailer

The global supplier stretched us in more ways than one to move rolls of paper taller than a three-story building, and heavier than five elephants. At 33 feet, this isn’t just our highest-capacity trailer, it’s the longest we’ve ever built. Put that in ink.

30-Ton Chemistry Set

30 ton custom trailer

With a name like “Big Blue,” you know this four-wheel steer trailer totes serious mass. While 30-ton chemical molds might sound like quite the payload, it’s what’s under the truck that impresses – synchronized steering to maneuver through a maze-like factory floor.

20 Golden Tons

20 ton custom trailer

Open up a jewelry box, and you’ll find dustings of Hamilton. At a major mining operation, our fifth-wheel steer trailer hauls 20-ton vibrating screen machines. Each sifts through thousands of pounds of sediment each day to find rare minerals. You might say we’re worth our weight in gold.

30 Tons of Hush-Hush Military Tech

custom trailer for military

You need security clearance to see the 30-ton load, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share its chauffer. To accommodate the oversized haul, we built an 8-foot wide deck and fifth wheels at each end for precision turning. As for everything else? That’s classified.

15 Tons of Pressure

custom trailer 15 tons

We’re keeping the lights on, one custom truck at a time. We built a pressure and heat-resistant trailer to move 15-ton control valves at a global energy provider’s power plant. Inside the station’s core, it’s hotter than planet Venus with more pressure than the deepest ocean.

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