Four-Wheel-Steer Trailers

Capacity Range 20,000 lbs. and Up

Underside of 60K lbs. capacity Hamilton auto steer trailer.

Ruggedly built for individual towing, these massive trailers are typically built to specific size and designed to handle incredible loads. The Four-Wheel steering assures optimal turns in the least space, and frequently they have reversible tongues, meaning the trailer can be towed from either end.

The ¼” thick steel deck accommodates virtually any kind of load and is forgiving of most loading and unloading indiscretions. Tie rod guards, welded in place strategically under the side frame and between the front and rear wheels, protect vital steering linkage from inadvertent forklift contact.

Hamilton’s 35,000# capacity trailers are suitable for those incredibly heavy, and sometimes physically large, loads that require safe transit inside a factory or warehouse.

Quality Features
Located on the sides between the front and rear wheels, each trailer is equipped with tie rod guards to protect the otherwise vulnerable steering mechanism from forklifts attempting to lift trailers from the sides. Tie rods are precisely fit to keep the trailer towing properly, and may be easily damaged when forklifts attempt to raise a trailer with forks under the tie rod.

A major wear point on any towed trailer is the towing loop. Comprised of forged steel, Hamilton’s loops are designed for handling the maximum towed load and are resistant to wear during years of use.

Wheels are normally press-on Polyurethane tired wheels, which vary in diameter and width and can be specified for a trailer and its capacity. Tapered bearings, in some cases for 2” diameter axles, assure dependable rolling performance.

Fifth wheel assemblies consist of massive steel plates sandwiching a UHMW disk, held together with a 2” diameter kingpin. Hamilton uses no shortcuts in this or any other critical part.

We use a 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” diameter tongue axle connecting the tongue to the trailer framework. Recognizing the weight of the trailer and its load is concentrated on the tongue and tongue axle, Hamilton doesn’t skimp on this vital piece of hardware.

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