Order Picker Carts & Platforms
Steel Deck
Order picker carts with steel deck over a heavy service structural steel frame are a durable, economical solution.
Wood Deck
Wooden deck order picker carts provide sound dampening and better load protection.

Order Picker Carts Overview
Hamilton Caster’s line of industrial order picker carts and platforms offers indispensable forklift accessories that allow easy picking, loading, moving and delivery of materials from warehouse racks to their final destination in the plant. They are secured to the order picker by the picker’s clamping mechanism, and lifted with the operator to the appropriate level. The warehouseman/operator maneuvers the platform alongside storage racks and transfers product to the cart. Once full, the cart is lowered to the floor, unclamped and hand pushed or power towed about the factory to the shop floor or to the shipping dock. Provide a specification sheet of your make and model order picker and Hamilton will provide a cart designed specifically for your material handling needs.