1K All Wood
Wood dollies ideal for moving furniture, and appliances. Open frame design transfers load directly to casters.
3K Wood Pads
Structural steel utility dolly with hardwood contact pads to protect load ensuring efficient transfer of stress.
4K Cradle
Wood-lined cradle dolly in a heavy duty structural steel frame perfect for handling cylindrical shaped materials.
5K All Steel
Heavy duty all steel tilt type industrial dolly equipped with six metal wheels creates a “bulletproof” moving tool.

Dollies Overview
Hamilton Caster’s robust line of heavy duty dollies, trolleys and carts guarantees the right hand pushed equipment for your material handling needs. They are effortlessly rolling on Hamilton’s world class wheels and durable casters delivering years of service. Hamilton uses high quality kiln dried oak and ash hardwood that is near furniture grade. Our structural steel framed dollies were designed using the state of the art 3D mechanical design software with simulation tools to ensure durability and efficient use of materials. Wooden moving dollies are great for moving furniture, appliances, and lighter weight materials. The heavy duty steel framed dollies are better suited for industrial applications like moving machines and other equipment in warehouses, factories, plants and docks. Hamilton’s moving dollies, the most dependable you can buy online shipped quickly.