Hamilton Trailers Clear Up Big Rig Logjam


When businesses expand, they often face challenges in keeping up with rapid growth. Case in point? A steel wire manufacturer that’s easing its growing pains with Hamilton trailers.

Fresh off building a new plant, the company had been using a semi truck and flatbed trailer to move pallets of steel wiring between two facilities

While only a quarter mile separates both plants, each trip meant loading the flatbed, driving it onto the street, backing it into position, and unloading it at a dock.

The long process delayed production, and involved half a dozen workers and costly diesel fuel. With Hamilton’s custom all steel, reversible four-wheel trailers, the road trip days are over.

“Now, workers load and unload trailers inside the factory next to the production line,” said Hamilton’s Marty Wilson. “When they’re done, they use a tug to transport the trailers across the parking lot. It only takes minutes to arrive at the next facility.”

Smaller size. More capacity.

What’s more, the manufacturer increased throughput after downsizing from a big rig to Hamilton trailers.

“They can actually transport more product on two trailers as opposed to one flatbed, said Wilson. “Our distributor estimates the ROI for this project will be less than two years.”

Here are the tech specs:

  • Capacity: 25,000 pounds
  • Deck size: 102” wide by 168” long by 17” deck height
  • Deck material: diamond tread plate steel
  • Running gear: Eight dual-mounted 12” diameter by 4” wide Superlast polyurethane wheels with tapered roller bearings
  • Couplers: Tongue at each end of train of two and permanently coupled – designed for reversible towing
  • Deck slots for McMaster-type hook straps

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