Fifth Wheel Steer Trailers

Hamilton’s line of fifth wheel steer trailers is the best choice when looking for an economical solution to move large, long and/or heavy loads. These trailers are the down and dirty workhorses of the industry providing service in capacities exceeding 100,000 lbs. Structural steel bars, rolls, cylinders, plate steel, dies, molds and tooling can be efficiently delivered throughout the plant. When pulled singly, trailers can be backed into locations maneuvering similarly to tractor trailers. When hitched into a train, using forged couplers, each trailer follows the preceding one but requires slightly larger aisles than its quad steer cousin. When your material handling equipment needs exceed what is available online, Hamilton engineers will design a custom solution for your specific application while leveraging innovation, experience and a culture of continuous improvement.

  • 5K

    Economical fifth wheel steer wagon ideal for moving loads from warehouses to shop floors and shipping docks.

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  • 10K

    5th wheel steer trailer similar to the 5K model but with a beefier structural steel frame and heavy duty wheels.

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  • 20K - 40K

    Featuring new Hercules line of pre-engineered trailers for industry-leading leadtime of 5-6 weeks.

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  • 40K+

    Heavyweight industrial trailer for handling and hauling huge steel dies from tool rooms to factory floors.

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