Glossary of Material Handling Terms


A-Frame Cart - A-frame panel cart - AF472

An a frame cart is a material handling cart with an overall shape of a capital letter "A".  This unique shape allows loads to be kept in a near vertical position.  

The A-frame has a base frame that is similar in nature to a platform truck.  The casters are mounted to the base frame. 

A tapered frame is mounted on top of the base frame.  The tapered frame can be tapered on one side, or both.  Tapering both sides of the a-frame allows it to be loaded on both sides.  Tapering one side of the a-frame allows only that side to be loaded.

A-frame carts tend to carry materials that are rather thin, but at the same time both wide and long.  Think sheets of plywood, drywall, or sheetmetal. 


Ball Bearing - 

A type of bearing that use bearing balls to keep separation between the inner raceway and outer raceway of the bearing.  It is this seperation of the inner and outer raceway that helps the bearing resist radial loads.

The balls allow rotation between the inner and outer race. The grooves in the raceways helps the bearing resist thrust loading.

Ball bearings can be made in an open construction, shielded construction or sealed construction.

Ball bearings can also come in various other configurations.  Double row, and trust ball bearings are just a couple of the the available variations.


Caster - Caster -

A mechanical device that holds a shaft in which a wheel rotates around.

Casters can be classified into swivel and rigid types.

Each type is used for a specific purpose. Swivels can rotate 360 degree to allow steering.  Rigids resists side loads and are vital to being able to move in a straight line.

Each type has its own operational characteristics. 

There are hundreds of different ways that a caster could be clasified. Dual wheel, articulating, spring loaded, stainless steel, high heat, etc. 

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Drawbar Pull - 

Drawbar pull is a rating of the horizontal force that a coupler or the trailer the coupler is connected to can withstand.  It is the force that is in the direction of motion. 

When designing a trailer, you must make sure that the coupler and its supporting frame can resist the forces needed to initiate movement of the trailer. 

When designing trailers that will be pulled in a train, keep in mind that the first trailer has to resist the drawbar forces needed to pull the entire train.



Expanded Metal - 

A metal mesh that is created by making slits in a sheet of metal, then pulling the sheet apart until diamond shape openings appear.

Expanded metal is used for gratings, guards, shelves and things of that nature that need to let light, air or other material to pass through the sheet.

Expanded metal is often used outdoors instead of solid sheets, and the expanded metal will allow rain, snow and other debris to fall through.

Expanded metal is also only a fraction of the weight of a solid sheet.

Epanded metal also gives workers who are walking on it better traction than a solid sheet.

FFloor Lock - Hamilton Caster

Floor lock - 

A mechanical device that when actuated, is used to immobilize a cart, platform truck, trolley or dolly. 

A floor lock works by passing some of the weight of a cart to a friction pad that contacts the floor.

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Ground Support Equipment - 

Ground support equipment is wheeled equipment that stays on the ground to help support aircraft in between flights.  

Ground support equipment can be classified as commercial, civilian, and miliatary.

Commercial ground support equipment like luggage carts are used to support the airline industry. 

Military ground support equipment is used to support military aircraft. 


Hoist Ring - A hoist ring is a mechanical piece of hardware that connects lifting equipment to a part through a mechanical connection. The connection provided by the hoist rings facilitates overhead lifting.

Hoist rings tend to both pivot and swivel, allowing them a great range of motion.

Hoist rings are manufactured under strict rules and regulations.  Strict procedures must be followed to prevent accidents that can lead to injury or death. 




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