This Hamilton trailer brakes for innovation


“We can’t do that,” said no design engineer ever at Hamilton. In fact, we love to take on custom jobs that bend our brains and test our limits. Case in point: This bespoke trailer we designed for a leading global manufacturer of basketball systems and other sports and recreational equipment.

The customer needed a transport truck to haul heavy equipment up and down a ramp with a four-foot rise over twenty feet. They didn’t trust their own towing vehicles to keep the cargo secure during unexpected starts and stops on incline. So they called in the big guns at Hamilton to design a trailer with its own electronic power brake system to make sure cargo stays snug every which way.

Adding a brake system and wires is not something we typically do, but that’s what sets Hamilton apart. The electric brakes operate similar to what you would get with any over-the-road trailer, such as a camper. The electric from the tugging vehicle travels back through the wiring to the trailer rear to apply the brakes. With a standard over-the-road trailer, it’s easy to get the wire up to the coupler since everything is rigid. But with a fifth-wheel steering trailer such as ours—where the front running gear actually turns—Hamilton had to get creative. To keep everything protected and up where it needs to be, we ran a conduit line back to that 5th wheel with extra wiring that flexed with the running gear.

Finally, to minimize swelling during summer heat and humidity, we added capping angles bolted to the frame to resist warpage. A Marine-grade epoxy finish ensure the trailer can stand up to the most punishing environments.

Here are the no-holds-barred specs:

Mold Transport Trailer

  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 72” wide x 120” long
  • Deck Height: 29”
  • Deck Material: Hardwood with flat steel hold down strips along each frame side
  • Steering Type: Single 5th wheel style
    • Brakes:
    • Rear axle to include electric brakes and necessary wiring to tongue.
    • Note: trailers will negotiate a ramp that has a 4-foot rise over 20 feet
  • Running Gear: Four 22" diameter X 8" Press On wheels
  • Couplers: Tongue for a 2-5/16” ball
  • Other: 10 tie down rings (Five evenly spaced on each side frame)
  • Color: Safety Yellow epoxy