When cargo goes high, Hamilton trailers go low


This was the question posed to Hamilton for a recent custom order we delivered to a leading aerospace and defense company. They wanted a nimble trailer to transport a very large electrical switchboard being manufactured for the U.S. Navy.

Hamilton engineers immediately got down on the ground to “rise to the challenge,” so to speak. The customer needed a highly maneuverable trailer for two reasons: 1) Their largest forklift truck was not able to safely lift the load and move it around on the factory floor 2) They wanted a trailer that could spin around from its center—not only to safely corner extremely tight aisles but also so the switchboard could be worked on while on the trailer itself

Height and agility were key here. The trailer couldn’t be higher than eight inches off the floor so workers could safely service the switchboard without a ladder (the switchboard doesn’t sit directly on the trailer but rather on a steel base and large shipping pallet that adds approximately 16 inches to the switchboard height). In the photos, you can see that our casters are almost camouflaged like covert Ninjas working their magic under the hood.

To stay low and nimble but also handle the weight, the trailer uses swivel casters on all four sides, with directional locking steering casters placed at the center. This makes it easy for electric tuggers to push or pull the trailer any which way. Heavy-duty floor locks at each trailer corner ensure that everything stays put while the switchboard is being worked on. The customer’s ultimate goal is for future switchboards to be built from scratch directly on the trailers.

The end experience is stealthy, streamlined and safe, with minimum footprint. The trailer is just slightly larger than the footprint of the base that the switchboard sits on.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. And safety, always. That’s Hamilton trailers.

All Steel Caster Steer Trailer

  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 74” wide x 110” long
  • Deck Height: 8”
  • Deck Material: Smooth sheet steel 1” lip around the perimeter
  • Steering Type: Caster-Steer
  • Running Gear: Four S-HS2-5DB on the corners, Two S-HS2-5DB-4SL in the center
  • Coupler: Pushed/pulled by electric pusher – no hitch
  • Other: Four heavy-duty cast iron floor locks on each corner
  • Color: Federal Blue