XT3347 - Caster Steer Trailer

Do you have an application where you need to transfer large/bulky parts inside or outside your facility?  Do you make long runs from the warehouse to deliver product to manufacturing?  Are you in the market for a tough and durable trailer?  Have you had an experience where other manufacturer's trailers just didn't hold up?  

If so, please check out XT3347 below, and see how it filled our customer's material handling needs. Hamilton has years of experience and expertise in the design and manufacturing of custom material handling carts and trailers. 


XT3347 - caster steer trailer, wood deck, lashing ring, solid pneumatic casters

Statement of Understanding - 

XT3347 - Caster Steer, wood deck, forged steel tongue, couplers

XT3347 is a wood deck, caster steer trailer that was designed for the Aerospace / Defense Industry.  It is used primarily to transport raw and finished goods between the warehouse and the manufacturing area. It will on occasion travel outdoors in all climates over concrete and ashpalt driveways and parking lots..

The heavy duty solid pneumatic casters will provide shock absorbtion and will handle rough terrain. The solid pneumatics perform similar to air filled pneumatics, but without the risk of puncture.  Solid pneumatics have a speed limit of 10 mph for applications of continuous use, or sporadic use over long distances 

The heavy duty coupler system, along with the structural steel bracing to support the couplers will offer many years of service.

XT3347 - Caster Steer, wood deck, forged steel tongue, couplers

Due to the fact that the trailers would travel outdoors, and that the customer is located in the Southern United States, which is typically hot and humid, the customer desired hold down flats with through bolting hardware.  As wood takes on moisture and dries back out it will swell and shrink.  Overtime when using just nails, that boards can warp and pop loose. Hold down flats and through bolts prevent that from happening.

Do to the wide array of product that the customer will tow on these trailers, the customer wanted flexible way of restraining loads without being cumbersome or in the way.  The customer also wanted the tie down points to be on top of the deck, instead of on the side rails. 

The epoxy paint was also a choice knowing that these trailers would travel outdoors



Cart Specifications -XT3347 - Caster Steer, wood deck, hold down flats, hide away lashing rings

Hamilton model number - XT3347                                           

Frame Construction - Steel frame, wood deck, steel hold down flat.

Steering Type - Caster Steer trailer

Deck Size - 48" x 192"

Deck Height - 22-1/8"

Capacity - 4,000 lbs

Trailer Weight – 1,020 lbsXT2836 - Billet Trailer, adjustable tongue

Running Gear –  S-7516-SPRT   /   R-7516-SPRT

Load Restraint – (24) flush mounted lashing rings mounted flush in steel hold down flats

Coupler – Loop type towing tongue mounted by lugs to end frame, Pintle hitch mounted to rear frame.

Finish – Safety Yellow Epoxy

Stencil - Load capacity stenciled on both side rails

Safety – ODOT Conspicuity Tape for increased visibility


Customer Profile -

The customer is giant in the Aerospace field.  The facility that these trailers shipped to is located in the Southern United States.  

Their grounds houses multiple buildings, with more than 1,000,000 square feet under roof.  The operation is in full swing around the clock, with more than 2,000 employees keeping the place running .


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