When Lifting Equipment needs a Lift...

10/19/2015 8:56 AM  RssIcon

In the world of industrial heavy lifting, frequently the options for moving the actual lifting equipment are limited. This trailer was specially designed to haul a pair of massive spreader beams (used under overhead cranes) throughout a manufacturing facility. Its four-wheel autosteer design enables the long, relatively narrow trailer to turn corners efficiently, and keeps the wheels under the corners to reduce the likelihood of tipping over. This is because the wheels are always “outside” the load, even during the sharpest turns. The wheel center does not change as the turn radius changes. Limiters prevent oversteering, based on the physics of the design.

The solid pneumatic wheels have the capacity to carry the multi-ton load and also provide some amount of cushion, which aids in spreading the weight of the payload. The tongue is specially designed to match the hitch height of the tow vehicle. Each spreader has its own set of “home” brackets on the trailer deck, specially positioned to fit one beam. Each spreader beam also has a special pocket for the chain connection link, which helps keep the chain intact while the trailer is moving.

A nearly full-length “duplicate” side rail serves as reinforcement when the trailer is under load, and guards against damaging steering linkage if one uses a forklift to lift the trailer from the side.

Technical Specifications on the cart:

  • Auto-steer transport trailer
  • 48” wide by 222” long
  • Capacity: 5,000 pounds
  • Steel construction with 4 square cradles & 2 storage pockets
  • 4 wheel auto-steering
  • 16 x 5 Solid Pneumatic wheels offering cushion for heavy loads
  • Paint: Safety Yellow
  • Model no. XT2475
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13’ Trailer Brings Good Luck to Auto Supplier

9/20/2015 8:53 AM  RssIcon

In the auto industry, some components can be large and heavy. However, even a 12,000# load is duck soup for one of Hamilton’s four-wheel steer trailers. Sporting a wood deck for load protection, the steel frame distributes the weight along its 13’ length. Metal retaining tabs are strategically spaced along the sides and at the corners to help contain pallets and other loads.

A towing tongue at each end allows the trailer to be reversed in tight spaces. The towing vehicle disconnects and attaches itself at the other end without the larger space required for maneuvering while connected. The unused tongue can be safely stowed in a vertical position.

Four-wheel steering aids in precisely navigating tight spaces and corners in the plant . The 12” diameter by 4” wide polyurethane tread wheels provide both ample capacity for the trailer and protection for the concrete floors. Hamilton engineers spec’d 1-1/4” tapered roller bearings to handle the weight of the load and the side forces encountered during turns.

Technical Specifications on the cart:

  • 4-wheel steer platform trailer
  • 78” wide by 156” long, 22” deck height
  • Load Capacity: 12,000 pounds
  • Steel frame construction with wood deck
  • Loop-type towing tongue
  • 12x4” Duralast polyurethane wheels
  • Paint: Hammertone Blue
  • Model no. XT2575
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