Trailer runs on Track and Moves 20 Tons


Not all carts require a complicated steering system for safely and efficiently moving heavy equipment. This 40,000 pound capacity juggernaut rolls on a track on four massive 10 x 4 inch flanged track wheels. The tapered wheel bearings handle odd loading conditions and side forces without sustaining damage. The wheels are tucked partially inside the frame, resulting in a low deck height of only 15 inches. This keeps the center of gravity low to maximize stability of the load. The square frame and wheels close to the corners contribute to relatively even load distribution when the load is centrally located. The dual fork pockets are spaced to accommodate most forklifts, enabling placement of the empty cart on the tracks, or removal for maintenance. By virtue of the square shape, the flat steel deck, and the fork pockets, this cart is a versatile tool limited mostly by the track for scope of travel.

Technical Specifications on the cart:

  • Flanged wheel rail cart
  • 72” wide by 72” long, 15” deck height
  • Capacity: 40,000 pounds
  • Steel plate deck with channel frame
  • Full-length fork pockets for lifting & moving cart
  • 10x4 Ductile iron flanged track wheels with tapered bearings
  • Paint: Safety Yellow
  • Part # XT2709