Shape-Shifting Trailer Exiled to Siberia


Most get the chills thinking about being sent to Siberia. But we’re pumped.

Built for an oil and gas application off the icy shores of Russia, our new transformer-like trailer morphs into a new form depending on the size of power turbine it’s hauling.

“Russia? That’s a first for us,” said Jevon Lambright, a Hamilton truck designer. “But what made this job even more unique is how the trailer changes based on the load.”

Mighty morphing trailer

“We designed the trailer to carry two turbines of very different sizes,” said Lambright. “Each load uses a separate fixture that bolts on and easily swaps out.”

Or, pops off entirely, which gives the manufacturer a blank canvas to tote up to 25,000 pounds of anything under the Siberian sun.

For added stability and weight distribution, we spec’d running gear with oscillating wheel sets. That means all eight rubber-tired wheels touch the ground at once, so bumps or uneven surfaces won’t damage the load or tilt the trailer.

A special, patriotic request

While customers often request certain features like color or welding type, this manufacturer’s demand had our whole team smiling.

“They said the trailer MUST use all U.S. steel,” said Bob Latimer, Hamilton’s truck team leader. “Why? They didn’t want Chinese.”

Of course, we were happy to oblige. We’d never use foreign steel. Go USA.