In space, the only thing that screams is Hamilton quality trailers


Hamilton is no stranger to supporting aerospace systems, and this custom trailer we designed for a global leader in spacecraft and communication systems is no exception. The ask: Deliver a truck that’s reliable, safe and tough enough to transport special panels in the satellite assembly process.

Shock isolators at all four corners provide impact dampening for an unbelievably smooth ride. For safety, we conducted proof loading and designed the frame to withstand three times the actual 10,000-pound load. Critical welds were also masked off and left unpainted to allow for ongoing visual inspection.

Ground control to the major specs:

  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 102" wide x 104-5/8" long
  • Deck Configuration: All welded structural steel "H" shaped frame with narrowed mid section-for improved access
  • Steering Type: Swivel caster style – reversible tow
  • Running gear: Four Maxi-Duty Series swivel casters, each with 12” diameter x 4”-wide Nylast wheels fitted with ball bearings. Each caster to be fitted with position lock and Ergo-ZB-style foot activated brake
  • Couplers: Removable extended length tongue with towing eye that can be attached on both trailer end frames
  • 4 swivel jacks (1 at each frame corner)
  • Shock isolator supports at all 4 corners
  • 4 leveling feet (1 at each corner)
  • 2 lashing rings on each side frame (4 total)
  • Stenciling & Marking: Capacity stenciled on both side frames
  • Finish: White epoxy