When there’s nowhere to turn, it’s Hamilton trailers to the rescue.


In the world of heavy-duty manufacturing, space can sometimes be at a premium. And that’s okay, when you’ve got Hamilton custom carts on the case.

We recently helped a world leader in wire and coating haul heavy coils in tight spaces. The customer had previously been racking up costly bills using expensive semi-trailer trucks to move product across the street from one building to the other. They needed a more user-friendly, cost-effective way to get the job done 24/7. And because there was no room to turn the trailers, Hamilton designed a reversible train system that easily changes direction. Tongue couplers at both ends make it easy to attach and disconnect tuggers moving to and from the two buildings.

Toot, toot. All aboard that gravy train to better productivity.

Here are the tech specs:

  • Description: All Steel Reversible Four Wheel Steer Trailer
  • Capacity: 25,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 102" W x 168" L x 19-1/4” H
  • Deck Material: Diamond Tread Plate Steel
  • Steering Type: Four Wheel Steer
  • Running Gear: 8 dual mounted, 12" diameter x 4" wide Superlast® polyurethane wheels with tapered roller bearings
  • Couplers: Tongue at each end of train of 2 and permanently coupled, designed for reversible towing; tongue when not in use will stay in the upright position
  • Other:
    • Slots in the deck for McMaster-type hook straps
    • Reflectors around the edges and tail lights with plug in front to plug in lift truck
    • 12 McMaster-type hook down straps to fit in slots provided on the trailer