Hamilton trailers don’t have to move a muscle—until you want them to


Nothing says productivity plus like a trailer built to save money and human muscle. Case in point: This custom trailer we recently designed to haul large circulating water pump motors from warehouse to power plant.


The customer had previously been using heavy timbers to mount and house the motors. Not only were the timbers cumbersome for crews to remove manually; the motors also required expensive crane rentals for transport. The customer was also keenly aware of how towing is safer than lifting with a crane, due to less inherent risk.

We designed a special square trailer that doubles as both storage platform and hauling hero. The motors can safely rest on Hamilton trailers until moving day—all that’s needed is a forklift hookup and they’re ready to roll. With an 80,000-pound capacity, the trailers also give the 54,000-pound motors plenty of breathing room. We also provided a hole in the truck’s center for the motor’s coupling to pass through. Added chain hooks keep cargo snug and secure on the decks.


Because, you know, safety first.

  • Model No. XT2889
  • Open frame double fifth wheel steer with lockouts
  • Capacity: 80,000 lbs
  • Deck Size: 120" wide x 120" long
  • Deck Material: open-frame
  • Steering Type: double fifth wheel steer with lockouts
  • Running Gear: eight dual mounted 22" diameter x 10" wide press-on polyurethane wheels with tapered roller bearings
  • Couplers: loop-type towing tongue at each end, each 26" high above the floor
  • Other- tie down rings, four total, one at each corner
  • Stenciling & Marking: "80,000 lbs capacity" stenciled on each side frame
  • Color: yellow epoxy finish