Here are your Cliffs Notes to industrial trailer decks


With all the back-and-forth about online learning these days, it’s important to get educated any way you can. So this month at Hamilton High, we’re getting schooled in trailer decks. Which type is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of the different styles to consider for your specific needs.

Deck type: Steel surface
It’s no wonder steel’s durability and dependability make it the most popular option for heavy applications.

  • Benefits:
    • More durable and affordable
    • Paintable
    • Available in smooth or treadplate
    • Weather-resistant
    • Thickness can be matched to capacity
  • Popular Applications:
    • Heavy-duty industrial
    • Warehouse and distribution facilities
    • Steel manufacturers

Deck type: Wood surface
Sanded and varnished hardwood trailer decks provide a quieter ride for loads that need a little extra TLC.

  • Benefits:
    • Less noise than steel decks
    • >Better load protection
    • Better skid resistance
    • Easy repairs
  • Popular Applications:
    • Automotive dies (for extra protection)
    • Warehouse and distribution centers that require added load protection and noise reduction

Deck type: Open frame surface
Sometimes the best trailer or cart surface is no surface—for when you want to move irregular loads or enjoy added flexibility.

  • Benefits:
    • Loads can fit inside the frame (lower center of gravity)
    • Precise loading (no deck to place load in non-load bearing section)
  • Popular Applications:
    • OEM
    • Outdoors

Deck type: Grated surface
Does your load need an occasional shower? Or a little wringing out, so to speak? That’s when the grated surface is your friend.

  • Benefits:
    • Oils and fluids can be drained away from loads
    • Less weight
  • Popular Applications:
    • Oil industry
    • Water treatment facilities
    • Automotive

Deck type: Super Structure
If you need a custom designed masterpiece that sits above your trailer frame, it may be time to supersize it.

  • Benefits:
    • Built to suit your custom needs
    • Safer transport of uniquely-shaped loads
  • Popular Applications:
    • Aerospace
    • Heavy duty industrial
    • Defense
    • Mining
    • Steel manufacturing