80’ Railcar Frames, Solution: Two 40’ Trailers


Sometimes a single trailer is not practical for an application due to shipping, weight issues, or other issues. But how about two trailers that can combine into a far longer trailer? For this engineering conglomerate, they needed something that could haul 20,000 lb railcar frames yet be able to turn tightly and have multiple uses. This unique pair of trailers functions both as two caster steer trailers and as one massive dual caster steer unit.

As individuals, the trailers maintain their 20,000 lb capacity and can haul anything up to 40 feet long. When the trailers are connected, moving the central running gear allows the now 80-foot long trailer to rotate about its center. This allows such a massive trailer to turn within a more reasonable radius. Large diameter press-on polyurethane wheels with tapered bearings allow the trailer to easily roll over the concrete and road surfaces, with the strength to carry the load and allow a long lifespan.

Technical Specifications on the cart:

  • 6 wheel non tilt-type caster steer trailer
  • 98” wide by 960” long, 33” deck height
  • Capacity: 20,000 pounds
  • Steel I-beam open frame construction
  • Loop-type towing tongue at either end
  • Custom dual-wheel Maxi Duty casters and end/center load wheels with press-on polyurethane wheels & tapered bearings.
  • Paint: Safety Orange
  • Model no. XT2634