Conquer a kingdom of hauls with new Hercules trailers


Bring us your Cretan bulls, your nine-headed Hydras. Our new colossal-sized trailers are ready to take on your toughest towing battles, pronto.

Hamilton is proud to announce Hercules, a new line of pre-engineered super duty industrial trailers. With a load capacity range of 20,000 to 40,000 pounds per trailer, they’re ready to power blaze their way through any plant. Plus they’re engineered for quick turnaround, and available to ship with an unmatched lead time of four to five weeks (most high capacity industrial trailers have a minimum lead time of seven to eight weeks).

Hercules trailer with a load rating of 20,000lbs.

Just how much tout-suite muscle are we toting? The Hercules line is available in a total of 10 standard deck sizes that range from 4-feet-wide x 8-feet-long to a whopping 5-feet-wide by 24-feet-long. Ideal for hauling tooling, dies, molds, structural steel bars, rolls, cylinders and plate steel, the series is grouped in 20K, 30K, 35K and 40K load capacities designed for severe loading and power towing conditions.

Our design engineers selected heavy duty press-on polyurethane wheels that range from 14-inch to 22-inch diameters on the 20K and 40K load trailers, respectively. And with its forged steel loop designed for extreme loads and solid fifth-wheel steering construction, these trailers are destined for years of service-free wear and tear.

Want to meet Hercules in the flesh? Check out our product page for more information. And be sure to bring your best muscle tee. If trailers had biceps, ours would flex in their sleep.