This crankshaft trailer has great wheel karma


They say one good thing leads to another. In the Hamilton universe, the more it’s about wheels, the greater the good, in our opinion. That’s why this custom trailer we designed for an engine components repair company has so many good wheel vibrations. Created to transport crankshafts weighing up to 10,000 pounds, it features two fabricated steel cradle wheel assemblies (one fixed, one adjustable) to rotate different-sized crankshafts. The wheels can also be mounted in three different locations, depending on the crankshaft’s main journal size. Lifting shackles attached to the cradles provide the option to secure the crankshaft in place. We also designed a custom socket to install the wheels, as well as special wheel-attaching hardware to be flush with the wheel’s width profile. And that’s just for the wheels on top.

Special sockets were designed then CNC-Machined inhouse to secure the cradle wheels.

The trailer’s dual-wheel casters (mounted up inside the frame to help minimize the center of gravity) with ball bearings help reduce the force needed to move the cart, while holes punched into the cart side rails provide easy swivel lock access for a tight stop. There are also mounting holes on all four sides to accommodate a powered pusher for extra power.

It all adds up to one wheely productive ride.

Crankshaft Transport Trailer

  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
  • Deck Material: Smooth steel
  • Steering Type: Steering caster style
  • Running Gear: (4) S-EHD-12DB-4SL
  • Color: Safety Yellow
  • Superstructure: Includes 2 fabricated steel cradle assemblies (1 fixed and 1 moveable) to carry various length crankshafts. The moveable cradle features 82” horizontal travel with infinite latching positions within that travel. The cradles are approximately 12” tall to allow crankshafts with counterweights to be manually rotated and clear the deck. Crankshafts are supported using wheel type rollers that contact the main journals of the crankshaft.