The Big Number: 75 Custom Trucks for U.S. Military


To haul platoons of top-secret aircraft parts around a factory, the U.S. military enlisted Hamilton.


We recently built 75 different custom trucks of various lengths to carry up to 4,000 pounds each. Sorry, we can't tell you types of aircraft they're used to build, but we can tell you that national defense depends on them.

Here are the tech specs:

  • 42" wide by 144" long by 15 ¾" deck height
  • Deck made of oak hardwood, set flush in steel angle frame, reinforced by center rails underneath
  • Equipped with heavy-duty automatic couplers (jaw and bail)
  • Six tie-down rings, three on each deck side
  • Running gear: two swivel casters (S-CH-13RT) with 10" x 3" mold-on, rubber tire wheels and two 12" by 4" mold-on, rubber tire load wheels
  • All wheels have tapered roller bearings and pressure-lubrication fittings
  • Woodwork sanded and varnished; steelwork enameled hammertone blue; couplers painted safety yellow