Custom Lowboy Cart Hauls Laser Cannon of Doom


We loved watching lasers zap foes in “Star Wars,” so we were even more excited to help a laser manufacturer blast away its maneuverability problems. We recently built this custom cart to transport the company’s laser cannon that strengthens metals on bridges, planes, buildings and just about any structure that needs maximum bonding.

When the company finishes the project, the laser will be mounted atop the lowboy trailer, which allows it to reach tricky locations. Here are the specs for this custom trailer:

  • • 64" wide by 158” long lowboy cart uses two-wheel, auto-steer turning mechanism on the front wheels.
  • • Like a car, the trailer's rear axle is fixed.
  • • Rolls on dual-mounted 16" pneumatic, rubber-tired wheels with precision-tapered roller bearings.
  • • Rated up to 7,000 lbs.
  • • The underslung deck is 91" long by 158" wide and sits just 6" above the ground.
  • • Fork guides run underneath the entire rig.
  • • A loop-towing tongue is mounted on the front.
  • • Four 20" by 20" plates are welded at the corners under the lower deck for easy lifting via jacks.