Short & Stout 4-Wheel Steer Trailer


While they might not be the largest of the fleet, even our smallest trailers can haul significant loads. This custom trailer has a mere 20 square feet of deck space, yet can carry 4,000 pounds around the customer’s automotive plant with ease. The cart’s most unique feature is the tongue specially bent to fit within the pin & clevis mounted at both ends. The bend affords clearance and maintains proper tongue/hitch alignment while towing 4 trailers in a train around the plant.

Due to facility space constraints, the removable tongue can be installed at the opposite end, allowing the train to be reversed within the confines of an aisle. Four Duralast polyurethane wheels offer floor protection on concrete & hard surfaces and provide quiet operation. Trailability is maximized with the trailer’s four-wheel steering, assuring predictable turns when navigating the narrow aisles. Safety yellow is a favorite color for safety purposes, scoring high in visibility in plant environments.

Technical Specifications on the cart:

  • • 4-wheel steer platform trailer
  • • 48” wide by 60” long, 14” deck height
  • • Capacity: 4000 pounds
  • • Steel frame construction
  • • Removable loop-type towing tongue that can be switched to either end
  • • Spring-loaded pin & clevis at either end for reversible towing
  • • 8x2” Duralast polyurethane wheels
  • • Paint: Safety Yellow
  • Model no. XT2496