Place Casters Here to Avoid a Factory Floor Snafu


So, you just bought a new set of casters for a cart. Now what?

The obvious answer is to place them on the four corners of the cart, but we don’t recommend that because it can make the cart harder to maneuver, and it may create a dangerous trip hazard.

To score points with plant safety managers, place the swivel casters at the steering/pushing end, and far enough forward from the end to avoid conflicting with the feet of anyone pushing the cart. Consider the entire swivel envelope of the casters when positioning them. Keeping swivel casters at the side edges will maximize lateral stability.

Rigid casters should also be mounted at the outside edges, but approximately ¼ of the way back from the front of the cart. This compromises some of the stability but greatly enhances the maneuverability.

Should the anticipated load be somewhat tall or the cart have a high center of gravity, then placing the rigid casters at the end may make sense. Just remember that it will be much harder to maneuver the cart, particularly in tight places.

We created a handy graphic that covers the most typical cart applications for (3) standard platform sizes. But, if you want to save yourself the effort, pick out one of our carts at the new, and we’ll do the mounting for you.

Have questions about placing casters? Drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help.