This titanic trailer is twice as nice

Wednesday, Sep 04, 2019

No matter how buzzing the economy, everyone loves a two for one deal. So who are we to deprive our customers? This trailer we custom built for one of the country’s largest steel manufacturers offers the kind of hard-hitting value you’ve come to expect from Hamilton.

Sold through our distributor Forklifts of Toledo, it can transfer two humongous steel coils (each weighing more than 50,000 pounds) at a time, thereby doubling the typical amount that a forklift can carry. When you consider the fact that the most expensive part of forklift operation is its operator, you’re not only getting twice the payload with our Hamilton cart. It’s also twice the efficiency—and twice the value.

With a capacity of 120,000 pounds, this 90-inch-wide by 212-inch-long behemoth has room to accommodate two coils (each approximately 72 inches in diameter) without touching one another—getting them safely where they need to go on the factory floor.

Here are the specs that do the heavy lifting:

  • Description: Fifth wheel steer trailer
  • Capacity: 120,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 90" x 212"
  • Material: Steel frame/Steel deck
  • Steering Type: Fifth wheel
  • Running Gear: (8) 28” x 16” Press-on polyurethane tires
  • Couplers: Loop towing tongue; no rear hitch
  • Color: Safety yellow
  • Estimated Weight: 16,500 lbs.

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