A trailer by any other name isn’t, well, ours

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Every once in a while, somebody will joke that Hamilton is guilty of overengineering our products. You know, making them too strong, when “strong enough” will do.

To that, we merely laugh, whisper tut tut, and remind them of projects like this one we recently completed for a manufacturer of premium aircraft seating on major airlines.

The company had outgrown its current facility, which housed all its parts and operations under one roof. They decided to build a new warehouse facility next door, and they needed some tough carts to transport warehouse items across a parking lot between the two buildings.

Initially, the company enlisted a local fabricator to build some carts. But, unfortunately, those carts were poorly designed and didn’t hold up. The manufacturer’s distributor, Alpha Material Handling, suggested they call the big dogs at Hamilton to do the job right.

To address the licking that heavy carts can take across a battlefield of asphalt cracks and uneven pavement (otherwise known as the parking lot), Hamilton spec’d out 10-inch pneumatic wheels for extra cushion. Then we added removable handles to make sure the loads stay put when they need to. Finally, we gave the carts four-wheel steering to keep everything turning ever so tightly. Rear pintle hitches allow multiple carts to be pulled together at once.

So if you want the kind of craftsmanship that outscores other manufacturers in quality and reliability, call Hamilton. If you want a guaranteed three-year warranty that you’ll probably never need but get anyway with our entire line, call Hamilton. If you want a product that doesn’t underestimate tough environments and can bring it with the toughest casters, wheels and carts on the planet, you know the drill.

Peace of mind. It’s priceless.

Here are the specs:

  • Description: XT3015
  • Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Deck Size: 36" wide x 72" long
  • Deck Material: Smooth sheet steel welded over steel channel frame
  • Steering Type: Four-wheel steer
  • Running Gear: Four (4) W-10-PRT-3/4, 10" pneumatic rubber-tires wheels with tapered roller bearings
  • Superstructure: four-sided tubular racks of square tubing, extending 18" above the base
  • Other: Loop-type towing tongue with pintle hitch welded at the rear
  • Finish: Safety Yellow Epoxy

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