This custom dolly glides like a dream

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If you know the trippy movie Inception, you know that the characters carry totems to make sure they don’t stumble into another character’s dream. One character’s totem is a weighted red die. Another is a spinning tractricoid. Only the totem’s owner knows its distinct weight, balance and feel. If they get caught into someone else’s dream, the totem will feel slightly off in their hands (and the bad guys win).

Why are we babbling about totems? Because we recently produced a custom truck designed to transport a 10,000-pound totem, that’s why. A global satellite provider needed an application to transport proof masses—large metal pieces with known weights used to calibrate instruments.

Mouseover to enlarge. Dolly shown in its casters removed state. Casters can be seen separately in the background

With four swivel casters featuring Ergo-Glide mold on polyurethane wheels, this truck repels foreign objects and debris with quiet vigilance. The caster assemblies are removable so the deck can be stored without putting weight on the casters. Simply jack it up, remove the casters, set it back down, and it’s sleepy time until the next totem ride.

Can you imagine the kind of dreams this truck has? Huge!

Here are the tech specs:

  • Description: Proof mass transport dolly
  • Capacity: 10,000 pounds
  • Deck Size: 110" wide x 135" long
  • Deck Height: Approximately 13"
  • Deck Material: Smooth steel
  • Steering Type: Swivel caster style
  • Running Gear: 4 swivel casters with position locks and 10" diameter Ergo Glide mold-on polyurethane wheels fitted with precision ball bearings. Casters to be mounted on outriggers that are bolted to the side of the dolly frame.
  • Superstructure: None
  • Couplers: Pusher bracket mounting assemblies welded on both front and rear end frames
  • Other:
    • Lifting rings at all 4 corners - to lift empty dolly only
    • 12 tie down rings - 4 on each side frame and 2 on each end frame
    • 4 bolt-on hand operated jacks
    • Side entry fork guides
    • 8 holes in deck with weld nuts on the underside to allow use of 3/4" bolts
  • Finish: Safety yellow epoxy

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