“I’m all brawn and beauty” said our custom truck of the month.

9/26/2017 2:40 PM  RssIcon  |   News

Hamilton carts and trailers help customers move giant, heavy things with greater ease and efficiency. It may not be sexy. But it literally helps the world go ‘round.

Take this 30-ton capacity custom truck we recently designed for one of the world’s largest energy and industrial giants. The customer needed a beast of a trailer, tough enough to haul giant transformers for repair at their apparatus service center. Some of the transformers weigh as much as 420,000 lbs. The customer had previously been using rail carts to tote the transformers along railroad tracks. Limiting!

We designed a four-wheel reversible trailer with auto steer and a four-point lift, capable of transporting giant cargo around the service center any which way. Here she is, with her slick safety yellow finish. Isn’t she a beauty, with her towing tongues at both ends? Couldn’t you just look at her all day, while she glides across your factory floor, making heavy lifting look easy and carefree? Don’t you want to take her home to mom?

Here’s her dating profile:

  • Trailer type: Four-wheel reversible auto steer
  • Capacity: 30 tons
  • Deck size: 72” x 168”
  • Deck height: Approximately 27”
  • Tongue height: Approximately 11 ½”
  • Running gear: Dual mounted W-POY-1590-2 press-on poly wheels
  • Towing tongue at both ends, locked vertical when not in use
  • 4-point lifting provision
  • Internal fork pockets

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