These custom dollies are the MacGyver of tough engineering challenges


From the depths of the scrap yard to the remote corners of space, Hamilton has always sought to transcend barriers, overcome challenges and create opportunities to keep the world of manufacturing humming.

So we jumped at the chance to make it rain for a world leader in titanium dioxide production. The customer came to us with a pretty thorny design problem: How to transport 103-foot-long cooling pipes safely throughout their facility—through all kinds of weather, both indoors and out?

Our fearless engineers got busy architecting these custom dollies featuring a V superstructure lined with soft poly rollers to cradle, cushion and rotate the pipes for safe transport. Three dollies are used to haul each pipe, while ratchet straps provide extra stability. A receiver-style hitch on all four sides makes towing in any direction a breeze.

Quick. Put these specs in your pipe and smoke ‘em:

  • Description: Custom Pipe Dolly w/ V Superstructure
  • Capacity: 6,750 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 48" x 48"
  • Running gear - (4) S-7516-SPRT-4SL-FB Ground Support casters
  • Couplers: Receiver style hitch on all four sides
  • Other:
    • Soft poly cradle rollers: (8) W-630-SPB-3/4
    • Ratchet strap over for secure load