Hamilton custom dolly can haul a 20-ton pound of toilet paper without a single pitstop


If Godzilla needed toilet paper, we’re pretty sure our latest tailor-made dolly job would be just the ticket to help him stay clean as a whistle.

Behold, the Hamilton Caster Custom “Roll Buggy,” designed for a paper mill company to haul 40,000-pound rolls of toilet paper (you heard us). It features three custom engineered cradles to accommodate 100” x 204”-long rolls of toilet paper. Dual press-on polyurethane tires with tapered bearings keep the load rolling.

Can anyone guess how many lifetime supplies of TP this means?

And really, because the photo speaks for itself, we don’t think there’s anything more we need to share than these self-serving puns:

  • Hamilton: Forever we roll
  • Hamilton: The roll to last a lifetime
  • Hamilton: Nothing butt the best
  • Hamilton: Your treat for the seat

Got your own pun you just can’t resist sharing? Giddy up…

And here are the specs that keep on giving:

  • Description: Four Wheel Steer Cradle Trailer
  • Capacity: 50,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 90" x 170"
  • Steering Type: Four Wheel Steer
  • Running gear: Dual Press-On polyurethane tires with tapered bearings
  • Superstructure: 3 cradles (no rubber lining)
  • Couplers: Loop towing tongue in front and one in back
  • Color: Safety yellow
  • Other: 6 lashing rings