Manual Carts
Platform Trucks
Cart with a flat deck over a structural frame rolling on wheels and casters equipped with a push handle or stakes.
Shelf Trucks
Utility shelf carts offer ample storage making them the perfect tool for order picking and delivery of small parts.
Wagon Carts
Cart similar to the platform truck, but with a running gear setup like a radio flyer wagon ideal for pulling.
Semi-Live & Johnson Bars
Johnson bars are a pry lever and dolly combined to lift and move heavy loads like machinery around a factory.

Manual Carts Overview
Hamilton's complete line of industrial platform carts, utility carts, wagons and johnson bars ensures that we will have the right hand operated material handling equipment for your warehouse, plant or shop. Two factors important in making manual material handling equipment efficient, effective and economical are quality wheels and casters and innovative designs. Hamilton has both. Our world class casters and easy moving wheels have serviced the industry for over a century. We leverage concepts like ergonomics, design for manufacture and assembly, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing along with using 3D mechanical design software to wring out waste in our designs. Bar none the best industrial platform trucks, utility shelf carts, wagons, pry bar lever dollies and trolleys you can find online.