Drum & Cylinder Handling
Drum Truck
Drum and barrel handling hand trucks offer utility for moving, staging and storing industrial drums.
Drum Dollies
Drum dollies are ideal for drums and barrels that are commonly moved while upright, like in a paint shop.
Drum Cradle
Drum cradles are storage racks that keep drums horizontal for convenient dispensing of contents.
Cylinder Truck
Hand trucks equipped with steel cradles and safety chains for securing compressed gas cylinders,.barrels and tanks.

Drum & Cylinder Handling Overview
Hamilton Caster’s line of heavy duty drum, barrel and cylinder carts, dollies, trolleys and hand trucks leads the industry in durability and service. It starts with Hamilton’s easy rolling wheels and world class casters mounted on ergonomic structural steel frames. Designs are innovative and constantly push boundaries through a culture of continuous improvement by leveraging tools including lean, design for manufacture and assembly and finite element analysis. Our drum handling equipment simplifies loading, moving, delivery and storage of industrial drums and barrels throughout factories from the warehouse and shipping dock to the shop floor. Our cylinder trucks are perfect for safely delivering compressed gas tanks, bottles and cylinders anywhere they are needed.