We think Santa would approve of this time saving “sled” trailer


Right about now, Santa and his reindeer must be busy prepping for a pretty enormous sled haul. Welp, we’d like to think we could help him out with this latest custom skid-steer trailer we designed. At 32 feet long, it’s the largest semi-live skid we’ve ever produced. And it’s being used to carry some super lengthy structural materials—up to 40-feet long—for one of the largest family-owned metal fabrication companies in the country.

Our customer, O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS), had previously been using a much smaller cart to do the job. “It took four times as long to hook it up to a semi and back it up,” explained OMS Manufacturing Engineer John Wheeler. “We needed a trailer we could easily grab with a forklift and transport it from bay to bay.”

Enter Hamilton’s behemoth solution. It’s got risers along the open-frame deck for easy forklift unloading to make long hauls like this one a breeze. The lips on the side provide added protection to keep all those steel beams and cumbersome tubing in place. And the solid pneumatic tires help the forklift work more efficiently outdoors.

So, Santa, this Christmas, maybe keep us on speed dial. Just in case.

Skid-steer material trailer

  • Capacity: 10,000 pounds
  • Deck Size: 48" wide X 384" long
  • Deck Height: Approximately 20”
  • Deck Material: Open frame
  • Steering Type: Skid-steer
  • Running Gear:
    • Front: None
    • Dual mounted 16 x 5 solid pneumatic tires with tapered bearings
  • Superstructure:
    • Risers along deck length to allow for crane/forklift unloading
    • Lips on side for load retention
    • Uprights on the 4' side of the cart to keep material from sliding off
  • Couplers: Dual forks mounted on adjustable fifth-wheel assembly for mating with forklift
  • Stenciling & Marking: Capacity & Part number on tag
  • Finish: Safety yellow epoxy