Mobility for Wellhead Maintenance


In the Oil and Gas Industry, moving heavy, odd shaped components is common. Doing so in a safe and productive way can be challenging. Hamilton teamed up with a leading international provider of sustainable productivity solutions to provide the end user with a robust cart designed specifically for economically moving wellheads through an assembly process. The extra thick deck is slotted for t-nuts and forged adjustable clamps that adjust and secure a multitude of flanged components with varying flange diameters and thicknesses.

The cart has a tubing “bumper” to facilitate propulsion by a power pusher. Underneath, that same tubing sub-frame is lined with guides to align the cart over a lift table for assembly work. The lift table raises the component to a height that suits the worker. Internal rectangular fork guides provide access for fork trucks lifting the cart. Lashing rings can be used to secure the load to the cart, or the cart to something else.

Heavy duty 8” diameter X 3” wide Superlast wheels, with tapered bearings, are mounted into forged steel kingpinless rigs. These wheels feature indestructible forged steel centers and thick polyurethane treads to provide quite operation, floor protection, and ample load capacity. Caster swivel locks can be used to provide directional stability during transit, yet maximize cart maneuverability when needed.



XT2814 Technical Specifications

  • Raised deck assembly dolly
  • Capacity – 8,000 lbs
  • Deck Size 36” x 36” x 24-1/4” high
  • Tubular steel, internal fork pockets
  • Tube steel undercarriage designed to mate with lift table
  • Extended push bumper to mate with power pusher
  • (4) S-SEC-83SYT-4SL Swivel Casters
  • Deck material is extra beefy 1” thick mild steel
  • Deck slotted to accommodate clamps
  • (4) Heavy duty forged steel clamps with 5” grip
  • (8) Heavy duty forged steel lashing rings
  • Light Gray 2 part epoxy