Don’t try to order this missile cart on the dark web


When it comes to transporting top secret missiles for customers, we work hard to tread soft. Everything has to be—you know—just so. Good thing this recent custom order wasn’t our first missile cart rodeo. And while we can’t mention the end user by name, we can chat up its sophisticated functionality.

Two carts in one

One cart isn’t enough when you’re assembling complex missile parts, so we designed a two-fer. The cart comes apart to allow for independent assembly on different parts of the missile. When complete, the carts are pinned together to safely carry the complete missile where it needs to go.

Work trays

The trays hold smaller subsections of the two missile assemblies so wiring can be attached before the pieces are bolted together.

Adjustable height cradles

Adjustable cradles with handles at both ends ensure everything can line up just so at final assembly. Screw jacks on the handles allow for extra fine tuning.

Let quality launch.