Exotic Haul: Uranium Compressors


To help dismantle a uranium enrichment plant, the United States Department of Energy tapped Hamilton. Our custom trailers haul 8,000-lb. compressors previously used in the fusion process at a plant in Pike County, Ohio.

The teardown operation, which began in 2010, is handled by Fluor-B&W Portsmouth and is expected to last for several years. Hamilton won the government contract, and our trucks will be used at other sites throughout the U.S. when this job is finished.

Here are the tech specs of the most recent order:

  • Type: All steel fifth-wheel steer trailer
  • Load Capacity: 45,000 lbs.
  • Size: 72” wide by 144” long by 21 ¼” deck height
  • Deck: Smooth steel welded over structural steel frame and supports (some trucks used in the operation feature oak hardwood decks)
  • Furnished with 10” by 15.3” channel welded on top of deck around the perimeter with the “C” facing out with square corners
  • 16 lashing rings – five on each side and three at each end
  • Steel tube, loop-type towing tongue
  • Running Gear: Four dual-mounted W-POY-2080, 20 X8 press-on polyurethane rear wheels (rotate between wheel sides of plate steel)
  • Color: Safety orange