Caster Steer Trailers
A cart that is a hybrid of platform truck and factory trailer, ideal for both pushing by hand and power towing.
An upgraded version of the 2K model trailer with heavier service structural steel frame, casters and wheels.

Caster Steer Trailers Overview
Hamilton’s line of industrial caster steer trailers, carts and trolleys is the best choice when looking for an economical material handling solution to power towing and pushing by hand. Towable carts are easily coupled into a train to haul materials from warehouses through plants, and then unhitched and maneuvered into staging areas of work cells. Trailers have a heavy duty flat deck supported by structural steel frames to which trailer duty casters and easy rolling load wheels are bolted. When your material handling equipment needs exceed what is available online, Hamilton’s engineers will design a custom solution for your specific application that leverages innovation, experience and a culture of continuous improvement. Hamilton’s trailers are economical tools providing utility by keeping things mobile until reaching the shipping dock.