Auto Steer Trailers
Link caster steer cart ideal for moving tall loads from warehouses to shop floors and shipping docks.
Auto-steer trailer similar to the 5K model with a heavy duty structural steel frame, wheels and steering linkages.
Durable heavy duty towable utility trailer designed to endure harsh loading and power towing conditions.
Heavyweight industrial trailer great for handling and hauling huge steel dies from tool rooms to factory floors.

Auto Steer Trailers Overview
Hamilton’s line of automotive steer trailers (also called knuckle steer, link steer, or spindle steer) are the “special teams” trailer of the material handling equipment world. This design is the best choice when looking for a material handling solution for moving large, heavy and/or loads with a relatively high center of gravity around the plant. Because of innovative frame construction, they can have a lower deck height than a fifth wheel or four wheel steer trailers rolling on the same size wheels. This effectively lowers the overall center of gravity when being moved. Proper steering geometry ensures synchronized steering, keeping all wheels under the load and thereby increasing stability and service. Two wheel auto steer is more economical and perfect for pulling one trailer at a time. The four wheel auto steer version is ideal for hitching together a train of towable carts via forged steel couplers or when a trailer must be able to be pulled from either end.