Caster-Steer Trailers

Capacity Range Up To 4000 lbs.

Ruggedly built for use in trains of up to six trailers, each features automatic couplers and a choice of wheels designed for floor protection, noise protection, and years of dependable use. In this capacity range, trailers are adaptable for either towing in trains or individual manual maneuvering. A handle at one end enables a worker to move the trailer as needed, while the couplers provide easy connection to other trailers and a tugger for towing. Hardwood decks deliver a quieter ride and some level of load protection. Additionally, loads ride more securely around corners as the added friction of wood decks minimizes load slippage. Running gear is precisely located for optimal steering and load accommodation. Hamilton’s 4000# capacity trailers are a great fit for bottling plants, fabrication shops, and for moving heavy bulk material.

Quality Features
Moldon rubber wheels provide quieter operation during transit. Load wheels are 12” diameter x 3” wide for 3000# capacity, while the 4000# capacity trailer uses 12” diameter x 3-1/2” wide wheels. Caster wheels are 8” diameter x 3” wide for 3000# capacity, and 10” diameter 3” wide for 4000# capacity..

Fixed wheel sides and large load wheels at one end provide counter to side forces encountered during turns while being towed under loaded conditions.

The wheels feature sealed precision ball bearings (maintenance-free) minimizing costs and time to maintain while maximizing ease of rolling/pulling trailers thus conserving energy.

Steel angle center rails assure maximum structural strength as trailers are towed and pulling forces applied through the couplers at each end.

Automatic couplers facilitate easy coupling of trailers without bending or lifting. The bail at the end of one trailer slides into the jaw of an adjacent one, and locks securely into place. The release is foot operated.

Rounded corners minimize trailer “pinching” during turns.

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