Economical All Steel Platform Cart

Maximum Capacity: 1,400 lbs.
Great value, all-welded steel.
Available with Superstructure Styles A, C, F, G, H, and I.
Quality Features: PM5500
  • Features all welded deck of 12 ga. sheet steel.
  • Two formed 12 ga. steel bolsters run longitudinally under truck (3 bolsters on 30" x 60" size).
  • Roller bearings in Plastex and Versa-Tech® wheels, ball bearings in Ace-Tuf® wheels.
  • Capacity 1,000 lbs.; 1,400 lbs. on 30" x 60" size with PlastexVersa-Tech® wheels.
  • Two swivel and two rigid casters welded on: choice of 8" x 2" Plastex, Versa-Tech® or 8 x 2.50 Ace-Tuf®
Available Superstructures
Style A: One removable pipe handle 26" high above deck.
Style F: Two removable pipe handles 26" high above deck.
Style H: One removable slatted pipe handle 26" high above deck.
Style I: Two removable steel slatted pipe handles 26" high above deck.

To order or see more detail, click on suffix corresponding to desired wheel type & deck size.
Dimensions in inches
Model No.
24 x 48PM6800-A-P2448-TE2448-AT2448130
27 x 54PM6800-A-P2754-TE2754-AT2754145
30 x 60PM6800-A-P3060-TE3060-AT3060180