Fifth-Wheel-Steer Trailers:

Capacity Range Up To 35,000 lbs.

Fifth Wheel steer trailers feature steering that works like children’s little red wagons, but at a very adult level. These massively built industrial workhorses move extreme loads around plants and distribution centers. Hardwood decks deliver a quieter ride and some level of load protection. Front and rear axles are precisely located for optimal steering and load accommodation. Design trailers specifically sized for loads and plant conditions such as aisle widths, height requirements, and doorway widths.

Quality Features
A major wear point on any towed trailer is the towing loop. Hamilton uses forged steel loops, designed for handling the maximum towed load and resistant to wear during years of use.

Wheels are normally press-on Polyurethane tired wheels, which vary in diameter and width and can be specified for a trailer and its capacity. Tapered bearings, in some cases for 2” diameter axles, assure dependable rolling performance.

The fifth wheel assembly consists of massive steel plates sandwiching a UHMW disk, held together with a 2” diameter kingpin. Hamilton uses no shortcuts in this or any other critical part. The UHMW disk provides years of trouble-free service with very low turning resistance.

We use a 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” diameter tongue axle connecting the tongue to the trailer framework. Recognizing the weight of the trailer and its load is concentrated on the tongue and tongue axle, Hamilton doesn’t skimp on this vital piece of hardware.

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