Auto Steer: Capacity Range: Over 35,000lbs.

When challenged with the largest loads, when stability is vital, when pulling only one loaded trailer requires a virtual locomotive, then these Hamilton trailers will “fit the bill.” Massive press-on wheels with special polyurethane treads complement the robust auto steering assembly. As with any size auto steer trailer, the turning wheels remain in the same position under the load regardless of degree of turn, preserving maximum stability. Structural members are designed around the intended load – nothing is “standard” in this world.

Quality Features
Wheels are dual wheel press-on Polyurethane tired wheels. These are specified for the maximum load capacity. Dual wheels offer two benefits: first, this configuration eliminates wheel “scrubbing” that occurs as wheels are wider; and second, more wheels translates into smaller diameter wheels, since there are more wheels to support the load, and consequently the deck height is lower and stability improved. Tapered bearings, in some cases for 2” diameter axles, assure dependable rolling performance.

Steering joints are massive fifth wheel assemblies, linked together to provide the automotive-style steering. These assemblies are made of 3/4” thick steel plates sandwiching a UHMW disk for easy and long-lasting turning. The plates may be 20” by 20” or even larger. The assembly connected to the towing tongue uses an incredible 2” or larger diameter kingpin, while the wheel assemblies rely on 2” diameter kingpins.