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Series DS-440

Capacity Range Up to 9,000 lbs.


Ruggedly built for use in trains of up to 3 trailers, each features a forged steel towing loop and a 12" diameter solid pneumatic wheels, perfect for heavy duty towing applications. The Four-Wheel steering assures minimum floor space required for turning entire train, a significant cost advantage in a larger warehouse or distribution center.

The 7 gauge steel deck accommodates virtually any kind of load and is forgiving of most loading and unloading indiscretions. On the -LR model, forged Steel lash rings expertly welded in place on the sides of each trailer, are more than capable of holding down your load (Note: lashing rings are not designed for lifting).

Each trailer is equipped with mitered corners and indicative of premium design which allows for tight trailering turns without corner contact.

Quality Features

Each trailer is precisely tuned to provide “True Tracking” which means the last trailer in the train follows virtually the same floor path as the first one. The system can work in minimum aisle width, saving costly floor space.

Convenient and sturdy forged steel lashing rings are welded in place to assist in holding down your load.

A major wear point on any towed trailer is the towing loop. Comprised of forged steel, Hamilton’s loops are designed for handling the maximum towed load and are resistant to wear during years of use.

Each wheel is encased by two 3/8" thick plate wheel sides mounted with individual axles so there’s no induced “cantilever” forces experienced on trailers with a common axle and wheels unsupported on the “outside.”

The wheels feature sealed tapered roller bearings to address the rigors of trailer duty which include potentially long runs/near continuous duty service and numerous turns inducing significant side forces onto the wheels.

A rugged 4” channel frame assures strength for the heavy loads and the dynamic forces induced during travel. ½” thick by 14” square steel plates sandwich a UHMW disk, secured by a 1-1/4” kingpin, comprising each of the two massive fifth-wheel assemblies. They are welded directly to the trailer’s frame, and provide the steering and connecting linkage to make Hamilton trailers the strongest in the industry.

We use a 1” diameter tongue axle connecting the tongue to the trailer framework. Recognizing the weight of the entire train is concentrated on the tongue and tongue axle of the very first trailer, Hamilton doesn’t skimp on this vital piece of hardware.