Order Picker Cart - Steel Deck


Capacity Range: 1500 - 4000 lbs.
- 12 ga. steel deck on 2" channel frame.
- External pipe sockets.
- Shown with optional stirrup fork pockets.
  • Rugged design for safe, trouble-free operation
  • Safety locking device for any make forklift
  • Choice of platform sizes, wheels, racks and sockets
Greater strength, safer operation and adaptability to varying requirements has won preference for Hamilton's ELEVA-TRUCK® among material handling consultants and warehouse employees.

This four-wheel platform truck is specially designed for forklift “order selector” system that can cut stock-picking cost 50% or more. One worker achieves remarkable output, as the need to remove and respot entire pallet loads is eliminated. Instead ELEVA-TRUCK® accompanies the operator up to the merchandise, which is accumulated directly onto the deck. Thus more warehouse “cube” can be utilized by permitting retrieval of merchandise from high vertical racks.

Certain important features are required on this type of truck:
1. Sturdy, all-welded steel frame;
2. Longitudinal fork pockets under the deck afford maximum safety and strength;
3.Compatibility with forklift manufacturer’s locking device;
4. Removable pipe rack(s) to fit into pipe sockets on the ends and/or sides of truck.

ELEVA-TRUCKS® can be designed to fit any application, and they may also be equipped with couplers for towing.
Common Speficications
  • Platform sizes to suit; popular widths 42" or 48", lengths 84" or 96".
    • Capacities from 1,500 to 4,000 lbs.
    • Wheels are 6” or 8” diameter to suit capacity and select from six different wheel types shown below. (Note: to learn about each wheel type, hover over each wheel image).
    • 10 ga. channel fork pockets sized and spaced for correct fork lift.
    • Standard with one 36" high removable pipe rack in external sockets with set screws at swivel caster end. Additional racks or sockets if specified.

Anyone working aboard a platform or cart elevated above floor level should wear a safety harness or similar device fastened to the powered forklift. It is the responsibility of the USER to insure safe operation of equipment in the workplace.
  • Consult factory for pricing